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Washington Mutual Bank, also known as WaMu is becoming part of Chase. WaMu has their own free checking account offer for their customers. WaMu requires a minimum of $25 to open their free checking account.

WaMu Free Checking includes:

  • Free ATM cash withdrawals (see below for details)
  • Free checks (see below for details)
  • Overdraft/Non-sufficient funds fee refund (use one per year)
  • Free Gold debit card
  • Fee-free outgoing wire transfers (foreign or domestic)(see below for details)
  • Free identity theft services
  • No monthly service charge

WaMu also offers free of charge to its customers:

  • Personal online banking service
  • Personal Billpay service
  • e-alerts
  • Mobile banking
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Bank checks
  • Money orders


  1. WaMu will not charge a fee for ATM cash withdrawals, but non-refundable ATM operator fees and foreign currency exchange and transaction fees may apply.
  2. Choose the WaMu design single-style checks, and your checks are free. Limit one box per order. Free checks must be ordered through WaMu.
  3. For wire transfers, non-refundable foreign currency exchange charges and other banks’ fees may apply.


The above information is offered by OpenFreeCheckingAccount.com for informational purposes only. Washington Mutual Bank, also known as WaMu has been purchased and merged with JPMorgan Chase. This offer is no longer available. Please contact your local JPMorgan Chase branch for additional information.

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