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Huntington Asterik-Free Checking

Huntington Bancshares Inc., headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is a regional bank holding company with $56 billion in assets. They were founded in 1866, and provide full-service commercial, small business, and consumer banking services. Their principal markets are Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky. They have a network of more than 690 traditional branches and convenience braches, as well internet and mobile banking, telephone banking, and more than 1,380 ATMs.

Every bank makes a claim to their own free checking account. You may be aware of an asterisk sign that usually appears after the word free checking in most of the advertisements of these bank free checking account offers. Huntington National Bank is offering a free checking account as well, but they claim to offer an asterisk free checking account. It is called Huntington Asterik-Free Checking.

Huntington Asterik-Free Checking Features:

  • Free to open
  • Free to maintain
  • Free from minimum balance requirements
  • Free from monthly maintenance fees
  • Free from asterisks

Additional Features of Huntington Asterik-Free Checking: 

  1. 24-Hour Grace Overdraft Coverage. For their consumer accounts Huntington is offering 24-Hour Grace Overdraft Coverage. For 24-Hour Grace® to work, they must receive the deposit before thier applicable cut-off time, which currently ranges from 12 noon to 10 p.m. depending on how you make a deposit. Also, your balance after they process all transactions for the next business day must not be less than $0. 24-Hour Grace® does not apply to extended overdraft fees or return fees; which apply if we return a check rather than pay it.
  2. Free Overdraft Protection Transfers from Savings/Money Market Account. For overdraft protection beyond 24-Hour Grace®, They will waive their daily transfer fee if you choose their deposit-to-deposit overdraft plan.
  3. Linked Savings Account. Waiver of savings account minimum balance fee when linked to your Huntington checking account.
  4. Free ID Theft Resolution Services. Their Identity Theft Guide explains the step-by-step process to report and resolve identity theft, and they’ll provide professional assistance to answer questions regarding this process as well as fraud expense reimbursement.
  5. Debit Card use free from Huntington. No Huntington ATM fees, PIN or signature fees, or maximum or minimum transaction fees.
  6. Free Online Banking and Bill Pay. Review your account information and transfer funds securely with Online Banking.
  7. Free Mobile Banking. Check your balance and transfer funds. Carrier’s message and data charges may apply.
  8. Free Alerts. Automated text and/or e-mail messages that help you monitor and manage your finances.

Additional Discounts that also come with your Huntington Checking account: 

  • Home Equity Rate Discount of ¼ of a percent, with auto-pay from Huntington checking. Subject to credit application and approval.
  • Auto Loan Rate Discount of ¼ of a percent, with auto-pay from Huntington checking. Subject to credit application and approval.
  • Personal Loan Rate Discount of ¼ of a percent, with auto-pay from Huntington Checking. Subject to credit application and approval.
  • Complimentary Financial Review from Huntington Wealth Advisors.
  • Complimentary Insurance Quote from Huntington Insurance.
  • Branch Service Fee Waivers


The above information is provided by for informational purposes only. is not responsible for any changes to any benefits by the bank. Contact your local branch for further information.

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