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ESL Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with $3.8 billion in assets, and has been around since 1920. ESL is one of the largest, most progressive and most successful credit unions in the country. ESL Federal Credit Union has a reputation of being known for valuing people and sharing their success with their employees.

ESL Free Checking comes with many perks that are meant to improve your banking experience.

ESL Free Checking Feature:

  • No minimum balance and no monthly service fees.
  • Free unlimited deposits and withdrawals.
  • First 150 checks are Free.
  • Free ESL Internet Banking lets you review your Free Checking account activity online and transfer funds and pay ESL loans online PLUS view your cleared checks.
  • FREE Internet Bill Pay.
  • Free ESL Visa® Check Card lets you make purchases at millions of places where Visa® Debit Cards are accepted and it also acts as your ATM card.
  • FREE Unlimited ATM transactions when you use your ESL Visa® Check card at any ESL ATM.
  • Five ESL Fee Free ATM withdrawals at non-ESL ATMs per month1.
  • Direct Deposit helps you manage your finances easily and quickly.
  • Overdraft protection available with Cash Reserve or CheckOK

ESL Overdraft Protection Options: 

  • Cash Reserve Account
  • CheckOK
  • Courtesy Pay

ESL Overdraft Protection Options Benefits:

ESL offers several overdraft protection options to help you manage and avoid overdrawing your checking account. The benefits of these overdraft protection options include:

  • Avoid bouncing checks
  • Avoid merchant late fees and returned item fees
  • Eliminate the embarrassment of returned checks
  • Eliminate the need to make alternate payment arrangements
  • Protect your good credit rating

Cash Reserve Account Features:

  • The cash reserve account offered by ESL Federal Credit Union, allows you to apply online for an overdraft line of credit that is kept in reserve until you need it.
  • Lines from $500 to $5,000
  • Lines advance in $100 increments
  • No per-transfer fee
  • Advance your line at any time in any increment through ESL Internet Banking, TEL-E$L or by visiting your local branch
  • Payments automatically deducted from your ESL Checking Account

CheckOK Features:

  • CheckOK is an overdraft protection option that automatically advances funds from a linked checking or savings account, thus helping you to avoid insufficient funds notice when making a purchase.
  • Transfers are advanced in exact increments to cover your overdraft
  • Only one fee per day, regardless of how many advances

ESL Courtesy Pay Features: 

  • ESL Courtesy Pay is yet another option offered for overdraft protection. Whether you use it as protection for your checking account or protection for your overdraft protection, ESL Courtesy Pay works in conjunction with your current overdraft options and provides comprehensive protection for eligible checking account holders
  • If you overdraw your account, ESL pays for each item, up to your Courtesy Pay limit
  • ESL charges you a $ 35 fee for each overdraft transaction
  • The total overdraft amounts plus fees cannot exceed your Courtesy Pay limit
  • Courtesy Pay covers checks, automatic withdrawals (ACH) and ESL Bill Pay transactions
  • Checking accounts who meet qualifying criteria are automatically enrolled in Courtesy Pay, if you do not wish to take advantage of this service, you can opt out at any time.

The above information is provided by for informational purposes only. is not responsible for any changes to any benefits by the bank. Contact your local branch for further information

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