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360 Checking

Capital One is on a mission to provide you with “Everything you want in an online and mobile bank…nothing you don’t.” Capital One 360 is an online and mobile bank, all you need is a computer or phone to bank with them. Their 360 checking “offers fee-free, no-nonsense checking and savings accounts that fit your life.” You can bank 24/7 with ease. In addition, you will have access to their nationwide, 40,000+ ATM network.

With a 360 Checking account, you will be able to link your current checking account to a Capital One 360 Checking account. Once your accounts are linked, you will be able to transfer funds into your 360 Checking account, as well as withdraw money from your 360 Checking account back into your personal checking account. Capital One provides you this service free of charge. You should check with your bank to see whether they will charge you a fee when you transfer funds in or out of your personal checking account.

360 Checking Features:

  • No hidden fees or minimum requirements
  • Earn interest on your everyday money
  • 38,000 fee free Allpointe Automatic Teller Machines and 2,000 Capital One ATMs
  • Free MasterCard Debit Card for your purchases
  • Mobile check deposits with CheckMate (CheckMate allows you to deposit your check via your mobile phone or from your computer.)
  • One free checkbook


360 Checking Rates:

Account Balance                               Interest Rate                            API

0$ – $49,999.99                                 0.19%                                     0.20%

$50,000.00 – $99,999.99                   0.74%                                     0.75%

$100,000.00 or more                         0.79%                                     0.80%


Rates are variable. Annual Percentage Yields are effective as of 12/07/2014

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