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Does your bank treat you with the respect that you deserve? Are you getting the best interest rates on your hard earned money? Are your ATM fees starting to add up? Are your checking account fees getting out of hand? You don't have to stand for it, choose to bank for free.



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Online checking accounts and online savings accounts offer us a tremendous convenience. Due to the competition between banks, most of them offer online banking services free of charge. Money market accounts and high yield CD accounts are also viable options and offer us a different means to save, grow our money, as well as a means to write checks.

Checking accounts generally come with some type of fee. However, the competition for new customers will ensure the continuation of free checking promotions and various free checking offers from banking and other types of financial institutions, such as credit unions, who are trying to win your business.

Are you one of the millions of people that are searching for free checking accounts, low-fee checking accounts, second chance checking accounts, online savings accounts, online checking accounts, and the banks and credit unions that are offering those deals? is a search engine that is powered by Google. allows you to search the internet to find free checking offers. Some of the best things in life are still free.

Denied a Bank Account?

As we all know, many of our nation's largest banking institutions have come under scrutiny for their lending practices, which has resulted in a tightening of the lending process. Banks will always be under pressure to generate revenue in order to hit their goals. What this means for you is that your savings accounts and checking accounts will probably end up seeing more fees over time. Be that as it may, there are still many banking institutions that are offering customers an opportunity to open a free checking account. Many banks are even offering money as an incentive to new customers to open a checking account with them. There are still many banks as well as some credit unions that offering anywhere from $50 to $150 to open a new checking account with them.

You may have heard of the Move Your Money project. This was something that had a lot of momentum in the media and elsewhere. It basically presented us with the question of what would happen if everyone pulled their money out of big banks and placed them into small community banks or local credit union checking and savings accounts. It was a grass roots effort to get the larger banking institutions to show the regular people, Joe Average and Jane Average, a little respect by hitting them where it the wallet. Although the momentum has slowed, the spirit still lives on.

There are a lot of advertisements for free checking accounts, but when you read the fine print you'll usually find that a free checking account isn't really free. Some of these free checking offers often have conditions such as: minimum deposit balance; some charge a monthly fee; some banks offer free checking if you conduct all of your deposit and withdrawal transactions from the ATM and they charge you a fee if you use the bank lobby; other banks require direct deposit in order to qualify. Some banking institutions offer free checking services if you use your debit card on a regular basis. Other banking offers limit their free checking offers to only their online checking accounts.

Many banking institutions offer an added free checking if you open a savings account with them. These savings accounts sometimes require minimums in order to qualify for the free checking; otherwise, you might find yourself paying banking fees for both your savings and your checking accounts. Free checking offers vary from bank to bank. In order to get the best deals, you need to really look around.


Begin your Search

Deals with free checking account that some banks are offering:

  1. Gas cards 
  2. Open new account and get free cash 
  3. Free cash with direct deposit 
  4. Free checks 
  5. Free wire transfers 
  6. Free ATMs 
  7. Free online banking 
  8. No fees with regular use of check card 
  9. Free check safekeeping 
  10. Free online bill pay 
  11. Unlimited monthly check writing 
  12. Free Debit Card 

    What is your bank offering?

    Banks don't usually pay interest on money in your checking account, so this could be a down side even if your checking account is free. If this is the case, you are losing potential interest that you could be earning on your money. A fantastic solution to this problem is an online savings account in a high yield savings account, or an online checking account in a high yield checking account. You can open an online bank account and link it to your checking account. These online banking accounts with companies like Capital One, ING, OnBank, CitiBank, Emigrant, UnivestDirect, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Bank of America, KeyBank, Chase, WaMu, TD Banknorth, E*TRADE and more, offer you a chance to earn a higher than normal interest rate. While there have been mergers between some of these large banks, service is expected to remain the same or better, which in the long run should be a win-win for the consumers.

  14. By choosing online banking, you can literally have your cake and eat it too. Which bank is best for you? That’s what is here for. Use our search engine help you find the right bank and the best deals for you. Some bank will have minimum deposit requirements in order to qualify for their high yield checking accounts; while some like Capital One do not...although this could change at any time.

  15. The number one complaint people have with their banks is fees. Sometimes it feels like you keep your bank account open simply to pay fees. The interest rates that banks pay are ridiculously low, while the interest rates that they charge you on your credit cards and their loans to you are ridiculously high. Even a two year old can do the math on this, and the math shows that you end up poorer. Imagine being able to save that checking account fee that you are currently paying, what would that mean to you over the course of 10 years or longer?

    Many people find a bank and they become comfortable with it and even though they pay more than their account generates, they continue to stick with it. You don't have to take it any something about it. Move your money to a bank that not only shows you the respect you deserve, but that shows you how much they value your business. Even if the numbers of no-fee checking accounts are decreasing, it doesn't mean that you can't find a bank that will still give you free checking with the best service possible.

    Another option is considering a community bank or a credit union. Credit union checking is not just an alternative to bank checking accounts, but actually a very strong option. The fees charged by credit union checking accounts are generally more reasonable and in some cases nonexistent. They also have been known to pay higher interest rates on their savings accounts than some of the big banks. Credit Unions offer a different protection that the FDIC, but they still insure your money up to the same amount as the FDIC for regular bank accounts. If convenience and service are things that are important to you, maybe a credit union checking account is the best option for you. Contact your local credit unions and see if a credit union checking account is right for you.

    The bottom line is that there are options, just do your research and don't be afraid of changing to a different bank that might be offering a free checking or simply better service and fewer fees. You are the boss of your money and you need to keep it that way.








If you are on the market for a new savings or checking account, or simply looking to see the types of deals being offered by different banks and credit unions, you've come to the right place.."

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